Saturday, November 16, 2013

And I'm an inconsistent blogger.....

Well being that I havent blogged in two month, we will once again do a picture dump/update~
Meeting Keaton Alexander Kranz- most adorable godchild ever!

My Godchild Keaton Alexander being baptized!

visiting a memorial tree at James Cole Elementary

Sending messages to my Hero in Heaven on his first Angelversary

Visiting and paying honor to my hero on his first angelversary- We shared a shot of Jameson and some stories for those that attended!

Attempting to send off a lantern to our hero in heaven- the jerk decided he wasnt having it and blew it into a tree- at least we didnt start a fire :)

First 5k- DC Color in Motion with my bestie Diana! So Fun!

I found it hilarious that Kyle got some color too :)

First Bama game I watched with this die hard fan!

Fall means time to get our Halloween pumpkins!

Followed by a nice visit to a Vineyard-Yum!

My Boss- Congresswoman Michele Bachmann giving me the flag that was flown over the capitol in Kyle's honor on his first Angelversary- so touching!

Army Ten Miler with Kimberly- the best running a buddy a girl could have

Fall drive with my cray cray!

Meatloaf cookoff at the office- My fellow interns enjoy free lunch days

White House fall tour

Goergetown Cupcakes-AHmazing!!

so glad Ashley came for a visit again and to be in the cheering squad

start line during a very inspiring moment when our national anthem was being sung

Marine Corp Marathon- 26.2 Miles. The fam made some amazing signs to cheer me on

My man had my back the whole way!

Part of my cheering squad!

Happy halloween from my Skele-Roo!

Run or Dye 5k with my bestie- she is probably sick of me making her sign up for all these races when she is prego but she is a trouper!

Fall is amazing in DC!

Disney 2013 with the sisters and nephews!

christmas light display

Keaton was very nervous to ride dumbo for the first time!

Disney Jungle Jingle with the Sis and Cousin Erin!

Me hogging Keaton- love that little man!

Tribute Tree at McCutcheon High School

In October I found out a close friend of Kyle's and mine from college was injured in Afghanistan. With the help of some inside contacts I was able to be the sole person he knew to welcome him back to America at Walter Reed Hospital. He was in pretty rough shape the first time I saw him but with Kyle's support I was able to be with him that first night. His family arrived the next day and I provided as much support as I could to them while he began on his long road of recovery. I was humbled to be welcomed into his family and to be a part of his healing as much as I could. 6 weeks after his injury and his second to last day at Walter Reed before transferring back to Minnesota, I was able to be there for his first shower and first trip outside since he arrived! Continuing to pray for his speedy recovery. Being there for him has instilled such confidence that working and caring for our men and women in the military is my calling! I am happy to report I will be graduating with my Master of Social Work Degree. The sky is my limit at this point as I turn to this next phase of starting a career! Excited to see what my angel has in store for me as he has been giving me guidance from day one!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Almost September--eek the summer went too fast!

Its been awhile but I have been busy! Making friends and meeting up with old ones have been the highlights of my last month.
Me and my new friend Kimberly enjoying Jazz in the Park Fridays in Downtown DC

Eric is in the area and came for a night out in Old Town Alexandria

Met up with this childhood blast from the past Ashley in Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk

River floating adventures

I also have been busy with my final semester of coursework for my Masters degree. It has been a stressful program that has challenged me more than I predicted but am glad to be starting my final semester as an intern before graduation in December. I recently accepted a congressional internship- highly coveted while also obtaining a supervisor from the National Association of Social Workers! I feel like I'm in the big leagues now and very excited to start being active up on Capitol Hill!

I am also continuing my marathon training. I still do not have a love of running but I do see improvement as well as feeling way better about myself and in shape! 
Rooftop view from my running partners apartment after a long weekend run- 13.1 Miles!!! eek

Exploring more and more place around DC has been fruitful as well- I am learning some favorite spots as well as more places to take visitors that aren't the usual tourist destinations! 
Shenandoah River

Library of Congress- my kind of heaven! Where you will find me on weekends completing my senior thesis!

US Botanical Gardens- very peaceful!

Local farmers market-delicious

To cap off the end of the month, Tucker finally went under the knife and got fixed. I was very emotional about this since the reason we got him was for breeding. Unfortunately due to some other issues it was for the better. I think I was worse off then he was the entire day he was at the Vet. Lucky we had no complications and he is at home resting with me for the week before I begin interning!
So for your laughs or sympathy, whichever your muse here is Roo in the cone of shame!

Off to run- training is a necessity to get ready for this marathon in October!

Monday, July 22, 2013

New City-New friends- New adventures

Well, making friend has been slightly easier than expected. I was introduced to a group of guys through a friend of my sisters who have in turn introduced me into a group of girls- Happily I was invited to watch a kickball game followed by drinks to celebrate my birthday Wednesday! This birthday is going to be seemingly uneventful as most birthdays have been since I have normally spent them alone for the past 4 years with a mix of friends attempting and sometimes succesfully making my day special, expectations are however always low. I have accepted that Birthdays really are no longer that big of a deal and this one is no different.

Past week recap: Hung out with some new local friends and my best girlfriend from MN came to visit me for a week- we had a fabulous time as I showed her my new city and we explored some new place together. Granted this pic was from my first visit with a new friend- Jillian and I made the trek out to the Uvdar-Hazy Air and Space Museum to see the space shuttle Discovery and the ever famous jet (which I conveniently cannot remember the name of right now) that is featured in the second Transformers movie- Jills favorite.

This week: cracking down on some homework before the end of the semester!! three classes left and Im done!!! Now if only I could get something solid for my internship and it will be smooth sailing until graduation in December~~wish me luck! Off to snuggle my fur-child who is still adjusting to apartment life and the lack of running room, we will find our groove soon I hope!